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A Few Fab Words With Heidi Klum(!)

Heidi Klum. Where to begin? From the beginning, I suppose. German born Klum is no longer just a model. She is a model, actress, TV presenter, fashion designer, television producer, singer, wife and mother. No wonder Klum continues to inspire so many. She started as a model and Victoria's Secret model — that body, that face — and worked her way into our hearts hosting Project Runway and embarked on fashion projects along the way, i.e., her jewelry line and collaborating with Jordache.

Now married to Seal and the mother of three, Heidi always has a smile on her face. That is what inspires me. She is hardworking, doesn't take things for granted and seems to be a very happy person. And so, we are so excited we got an exclusive interview with the multi-tasking model! Be sure to also read her beauty interview with Bella.

Can you describe your personal style and how it has evolved over the years?

I have always had a very unique sense of style. I love bright colors and bold prints that make a statement. When I was young I was all about be-dazzling! I would be-dazzle everything from jean jackets to bags. That love for glitz and glam has stayed with me over the years but has matured. In my everyday life comfort is very important. I love throwing on a classic pair of jeans with a cozy tank and flip flops, especially when running around with the kids.

To read the rest of our exclusive interview and to see some of my favorite Heidi moments,

Tell us about the creative process for creating your jewelry line.

I don’t have a formal technique for designing jewelry, I just let myself become inspired by everything around me — vintage designs, trips, etc. The jewelry also reflects my personal style and the pieces I love to wear.

You have a lot of fashion projects at the moment: jewelry, sunglasses, fragrance and Birkenstocks. Is there one that particularly satisfies you the most? If so, why?

I have always been a very creative person and love having a channel to express my ideas whether it is designing products for a label or just painting with my children. I don’t have a favorite project but my jewelry line is definitely the most extensive. I have a very high end collection that I design with Mouawad, a silver collection for QVC, and a Top Model and Project Runway collection based on pieces I have worn in the shows. I also just started selling on Skymall (a guilty traveling pleasure of mine).

Is there a Heidi Klum clothing line in the future?

I just created a 15-piece capsule collection for Jordache. It was inspired by some of my favorite pieces from my closet. I wanted all the designs to be comfortable mixed with a bit of sexiness.

What new and exciting things can we expect on the next season of Project Runway?

Project Runway is always a surprise. You never know what is going to happen next and that is what keeps the show fresh and interesting. Last year was a great season so we are definitely continuing to push the envelope with design challenges. You’ll just have to wait and tune in!






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ntassinari ntassinari 9 years
i love her she seems so genuine =)
WiCkeD_LaDy WiCkeD_LaDy 9 years
hey!! Fab good job, that interview pretty nice......
sibalc sibalc 9 years
she is so real and down to earth
fakevuitton fakevuitton 9 years
she seems like such a sweet woman. good luck to her!
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
Love Heidi, she seems genuinely happy all the time and we always see her with her kids. Most celebs leave the kids at home and do their own thing but she'd rather spend time with them.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Love her! She manages to have an amazing career yet be a down to earth person.
smhooper smhooper 9 years
she is beautiful!!
lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
she's so amazing - I thinl she is the most beautiful (just face-wise) of all the Victoria's Secret girls, past and present. in the last pic, i was noticing that she has reall wide hips - which to me is so fab...
justjaime27 justjaime27 9 years
Awesome! Yes, she's pretty fabulous, but so are all of you Sugars! :) It's funny, the first time I looked at this picture I tried to picture myself walking with those wings behind me, and all I could picture was them being too heavy to carry and being pulled back by them, landing flat on my arse on the runway! HA HA! I never said I was It's a good thing I don't have to be! -Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing" :)
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