A Few Fab Words With Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon
A Few Fab Words With Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon

OK, so Miranda Hobbes wasn't the most stylish character on Sex and the City, but you can't deny that she got more and more fashionable as the seasons progressed. She was the most improved. Plus, her sarcastic tone was essential to the show. At a recent press junket, actress Cynthia Nixon dished about her favorite on-screen outfits, New York, and her fashion concerns of the flick.

Did you get to keep the clothes?

Yes, I did. I did get to keep the clothes. I got to keep almost everything. You know, I feel like the other women wore a lot of samples and stuff. Miranda is not that quite cutting edge, so they actually purchased a lot of the clothes.

Any favorites?

I have to say the very first outfit that I wear, when the four of us are walking down the street. It's kind of metallic, of course I don’t know who designed it, but I didn’t get to keep that one.

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This movie was targeted toward a younger fan base up to an older audience than the original TV show. What is your input on putting out this image of fashion and the big city?

I think we are a very youth oriented culture, particularly in terms of the young market and how people chase that. But I also feel like talking not about men, but just about women and the ideas of their sexuality and being sexually appealing, I think we have greatly extended that recently. So I do think for women my age and older it can really have a positive impact. I worry more about the younger women that believe that somehow because we dress this way in the series and in the movie that somehow they think we’re real and that they should be dressing this way. And that every day, their hair has to be done, they have to be wearing high heels, a different dress every day, and a how ever many thousand dollar handbag. I worry more about the girls who just sort of follow us like a blueprint.

Was it important for you that the show was in NYC?

Yes, of course, when we started doing it we had no idea it would take off like this. I’m usually not very proactive about jobs, I just sort of get offered a few and I take whatever looks best. But when I got this script, I said I have to do whatever I can to maximize my chances of getting in this because it's really interesting, it's about women which is so interesting and unusual, but even more important than either of those two is that it shoots in New York; and there is so little that shoots here. So it's definitely the reason I got teamed up with it in the first place, and of course it would continue to shoot here and that was just an incredible feeling.


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