Check out this cool Forever 21 Twist collection review from OnSugar blog Jovana.

I went by Forever 21 to review the newest Twist collection. Here is what I found, I reviewed some pieces I liked:

This t-shirt was my favorite. Soft cotton, black mesh outline, cute graphic on it, and most of all, it's long. I'm not particularly tall, but I am not short, too many clothes in Forever 21 are made for petite girls, it's refreshing to find a tee that's below my belly button.

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Here are other worth checking out items:

Dress zips up bottom to top, bow in the front, pleated hem, really cute and feminine, but too short for my taste. New trend catching up are narrow and wide t-shirts. They are cute with fitted jeans and a bright beater under.


Here is a detailed view of a cardigan, very girly. Personally, I'm not a fan of jackets and sweaters that cut off at the waist, because it makes torsos look short and wide, but the graphics are very cute.

Another cute sweater, ends at middle of torso.