If you've got oily or combination skin like I do, keeping your face from looking shiny can be an ongoing battle. But while I always carry a powder compact with me for emergency de-shining, I don't want to look or smell like an overly powdered old lady. Plus, if your skin has a tendency to flake like mine, powdering your nose will just draw more attention to the problem. Fortunately, a few years ago I discovered what I believe to be the world's most perfect pressed powder, which is made by French cosmetics brand T. LeClerc. It's lightweight enough so as not to accentuate flaky skin but matte enough to battle shine better than any other product I've tried. Plus, it also has some concealer properties, so it smooths out skin and gives your face a velvety texture. As if all of that weren't wonderful enough, it comes packaged in a beautifully luxe metal compact, so you can look stylish while touching up. It's available for $48 here and worth every penny of the price tag.