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Fragrance Trend of Baby Powder Scented Lotions Taking Off

Sugarshock Shoutout: Scent of A Baby

Demeter Fragrance Library Baby Powder ScentWe have always personally loved the smell of baby powder. So it isn't a big surprise to us when Sugarshock points out that baby powder influenced fragrances are on the rise. Now that the market is saturated with florals something a bit more powdery still appeals to the less sophisticated scent consumer without scaring them. There are quite a few scents we like in particular Demeter Fragrance Library Baby Powder and i Profumi di Firenze Talco Delicato Image of Johnson's Baby CologneWe however are a little more unnerved that while there are people out there who want to smell like babies there are others who want babies to smell like adults. Johnson's Baby Cologne seems like a pretty disturbing idea to us. We found a commercial for it on Youtube that is just shudder worthy. It apparently has a gentle, fresh fragrance with a pleasant combination of floral and citrus hints. And its now more refreshing than ever! Proving that the grass really is always greener on the other side. We live in a world in which adults prefer to smell like talcum powder while insuring their babies to have a nice citrus scent. For More Shoutouts Click Here
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