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Freaky or Fabulous? PETA Protests the Olsen Book Signing

Many of us are influenced by the Olsens, be it Mary-Kate or Ashley. But clearly PETA isn't. In fact, members of the organization stood in front of Barnes & Noble in New York City's Union Square yesterday to protest the girls' book, Influence. They wore masks resembling the twins and held up signs insulting their fur-wearing ways. Do MK and Ash deserve this treatment? Tell me, is this act freaky or fabulous?


Maelle Maelle 8 years
Violence ? And mary-Kate and Ashley, who contribute to the massacre of innocent animals ? THIS is violence. No, PETA want shock for make react, and i think it's better than a pretty speech. At least, they draw attention (make point out ??!), it isn't a waste of time cause it can call out people. And twins Olsen aren't affected by their acts, they not "give a damn / a shit" (I don't know if it's good ^^), we musn't worry for they. Whatever, the principal is to be against fur. I like discuss this subject, thank you :)
skinny-latte skinny-latte 8 years
Maelle, Sauf ton respect, c la manière qu'ils mènent eux-mêmes. Ils utilisent la violence pour amener les gens à accepter avc leur façon de penser. Il ne fonctionne pas de cette façon... ils gaspillent leur temps.
Maelle Maelle 8 years
I totally agree PETA ! I love the twins, they have a really good style and i'm not against them for that. They are beautiful and I love them ! BUT wear fur is perhaps fashionable, but it's especially HORRIBLE !!! Why not wear faux fur ? You haven't a animal died on you, you stay fashionable (nobody can see the difference if it's a good quality) and everybody is happy ! WHY NOT ? I agree PETA, and their acts make react. The problem is with the consumer. if they stop wearing fur, company can't sell that. So she stop torture and kill animals. Sorry for my poor english, I'm french. If you would like correct me, I agree :) .
Tari007 Tari007 8 years
Unnecessary. PETA has better ways to get their point across, this was just tasteless and useless. I don't like fur myself, but throwing buckets of red paint on people's coats or doing something so freaky is kinda pointless.
tellmemorex2 tellmemorex2 8 years
PETA should spend more money& time making a difference... Calling the Olsens trashy hags isn't going to change anything. Really PETA; get over it.
aras8218 aras8218 8 years
Freaky is the right word for that weird scene, what the hell?
skinny-latte skinny-latte 8 years
& sugarbox, I agree with you 110%
skinny-latte skinny-latte 8 years
I absolutely love to wear fur, and anything PETA does is never going to make me stop... PETA doesn't conduct themselves well at all.
katherinev katherinev 8 years
Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we'd be against it. — Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President, in an interview published in Vogue magazine, September 1989
kuristal kuristal 8 years
grapesodapop88 - are you not judging peta in that comment? It might make you mad...but spend your time making a proper rebuttal.
kuristal kuristal 8 years
Live by your life style doesn't always work, for many reasons. We cant all go walking around expecting that people wont hesitate to stop us in our tracks one day. The Twins should have expected this to happen, foreseen the reactions, and maybe just maybe, use fake instead of real. But that was their choice, and the choice of the protesters too. All animals are alike in that they are living creatures. Humans are the only ones who decided that after eating the animal, it might be good to take off their skin/fur and wear it around the neck for a fancy party.
grapesodapop88 grapesodapop88 8 years
peta2 needs to back off. yeah, the olsens wear fur but not excessively. and even if they do, SO WHAT? they have a right to the lifestyle they live and peta2 is just judging them. and that whole thing with puring paint on people in fur jackets? those people are rich so they'll just buy another one or maybe two just in case peta2 comes along again. peta2 needs to back the F**** OFF!!!!!
rafaela-losardo rafaela-losardo 8 years
You can fight against fur in a rational way without humiliating people. PETA has no limits or ethics.
eveday eveday 8 years
*I totally agree with Gatsby-esque. Oh, and the masks are slightly prettier than the twins from hell themselves.
eveday eveday 8 years
I totally with Gatsby-esque (comennt # 14). I hate the Trollsens, I really do. The only person, whose "fur style" makes me cringe more than them is Cruella De Stone.
hardcorecupcakex hardcorecupcakex 8 years
I agree with bastylefilegirl 100%.The masks are too funny
pxpxcutie pxpxcutie 8 years
I don't wear fur, but I think this is just mean and are most of PETA's tactics.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i do agree with what PETA stands for but i think that their tactics are sometimes a bit over the top. i don't think that they are going to be any more likely to change people's perceptions on fur and animal skins and other inhumane practices by scaring folks than by being calm and strategic about things.
k8-rckstr k8-rckstr 8 years
I have those masks too 32miles!!! :D
32miles 32miles 8 years
awwwe most of you doesn't like PETA. i have those masks! haha i asked for it. we have to get rid of some animals, if we don't the world will be in chaos. animals would get crowded. everything should be in balance you know.
myystque myystque 8 years
Thanks foxie for pointing the incredible things PETA and other animal rights groups have accomplished. The people who say PETA just wastes their time (cnyc1a- "PETA needs to spend their time educating people..."; Cadi con Carne-"All PETA spends money on is self-promotion"; loudserenity-"rather than make signs and try to be witty-go help animals") need to get their facts straight, because PETA does a lot more than that and has accomplished much. However, it is stupid of PETA (and other animal rights orgs) to use such tactics because it alienates people. CuteDimples-why shouldn't people who are against fur wear faux fur? The whole point is to avoid killing animals. They're not against the style. loudserenity- it is more effective to get customers to stop buying products than it is to get companies to change their policies. As long as people want a product, someone will supply it (sort of like the drug trade). Getting people to boycott something is an effective way of getting companies to change their policies because it hurts their bottom line. turquoisepassion- I've seen the PETA Kills Animals website and think it may not be all it's cracked up to be. It's sponsored by the Center For Consumer Freedom, an organization that is also against the "food police" and call the "obesity epidemic" a myth. They are even against warning labels on food. I'm dubious about their agenda.
LolaSvelt LolaSvelt 8 years
I hate fur as much as the next one, but PETA are being pathetic. I generally love the twins fashion (except, of course, when they wear fur).
jared-y-love-you jared-y-love-you 8 years
the twins are freakly :(
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
oh my gawd rebecca xoxo THANK YOU - I'm so glad someone said that - animals are not people! while I respect anyone who tries to prevent animal cruelty or is a vegetarian, I do not respect someone who refuses to kill animals but supports abortion (I don't care what anyone says, ABORTION IS MURDER!). plus, while I support the ability (notice I don't say right - it's not a right) to protest, there's really no need to use innappropriate names - oh, and those masks are extremely freaky...
countchocula countchocula 8 years
PETA might get a little more accomplished if they were a little more ETHICAL in the way they conduct themselves. Spray painting shops and mocking celebrities who wear fur is not exactly the most ethical way of getting your point across. Treat people humanely and maybe then they'll be willing to see your point of view.
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