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Friday Fun: The Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Handbag Collection

In case you couldn't tell from my daily bag obsessions or my Balenciaga post from earlier this week, I have a serious handbag addiction. I certainly don't buy all the ones I obsess over (Hello, I write a blog for a living!), but I just love to look at them, pick them up, visit them at the store, collect pictures online and write about them. You get the picture. Anyway, today's highlight is the Fall 2006 line from Marc Jacobs. I have always been a fan of MJ and the latest collection does not disappoint. It is full of rich colors, stylish detailing, classic looks such as quilting and classic shapes like the frame and hobo style.

Here is a look at some of my favorites from Fall 2006:

"Hudson" Leather Told in Chill, $1275, Available here

"Trish" Shoulder Bag in Chestnut, $1,350, Available here

Lots more of this fabulous collection, including some great quilted styles, so

The E/W Stam in Black, $1,300, Available here

Stam Hobo in Chestnut, $1,200, Available here

"Mischa" Shoulder Bag in Emerald, $995, Available here

Large Bowler in Cashew, $1075, Available here

Box Bag in Bordeaux (Not available online, visit for stores)

"Alfred" in Nutmeg (Not available online, visit for stores)

"Karen" Python Satchel in Smoke, $2,800, Available here

ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
i don't like the modern touches on classics. classics are perfect
colormesticky colormesticky 11 years
Nope, don't like any of them.
Adriana42 Adriana42 11 years
I only like the first one
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
The chains are supposed to be huge this fall and winter, though, guys. I can only see the last three. They're so very Chanel! I love Marc Jacobs.
yayita yayita 11 years
NIce, thx Kacie !
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 11 years
For ladies who like the quilted minus the chain:
yayita yayita 11 years
MJ is one of my faves, I like his bags.
ann_fancy ann_fancy 11 years
I think the last would be gorgeous in a dark brown or camel, well anything except this retro-grey
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 11 years
I want that stam hobo! I love this quilted look this season, but I agree about losing the chains - otherwise the bag is perfect.
Ghana_Princess Ghana_Princess 11 years
the bags are ugly...i hate bags with chain straps
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
They have too much bells and whistles.. They are winter fall bag and all those attachments and chains and stuff are going to snag your pantyhose.
ann_fancy ann_fancy 11 years
I'm liking them, I just don't like the chains
LK1 LK1 11 years
I am with JK Boogie. Looks like those bags would sort of be bulky/uncomfortable to carry, too.
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
i like the large bowler but thats about it!
My-Opinion My-Opinion 11 years
I can't see the first i don't know about them, but don't like #3 LOVE #4, eeeewww yuck to #5 an 6....the last three are aight*
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
Me no likely...feel like I have see this style last season and i did not like it then either.
yayita yayita 11 years
MJ! MJ! MJ! He is my fave of all. I still have Spring 2005 Hobo bag that I refuse to let go. It's already getting all tattered and dirty from the wear but I love it! These are gorgeous, love them all, can't find one ugly one.
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