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Fringe Boots and Biker Jackets

Fringe Elements

Americans are prone to bouts of personal mythologizing in our mindscape of imagined new frontiers. Manifest Destiny has never left us. This tendency showcases itself no more beautifully than in our fashion. The ideals of the rough rider have not ceased to appeal even in this time of $4 gallons of gas. As we enter August ready to vacation OPEC cannot kill our need to roam, even if favored mode of transit Harley Davidson's Q2 results were not quite up to their usual standards. But even if that bike can't come home with you, one can at least pretend to its aesthetics. And indeed garments from fringed boots to biker jackets are all the rage in our community with The Coveted and Shoeblog weighing in on both topics. Because really what is funnier than a bunch of aging Boomers and striking fashionistas saying they are bad to the bone. No offense George Thorogood but at this point the gig is up. Aging happened! There is no more "Through Darkest America With Truck And Tank" thanks to Eisenhower. The open road is a pleasant experience for families these days, we personally have experienced some fine rest stops in our cross country jaunts, some with Wi-Fi. It is time to accept that much of that culture of establishment bashing has become the establishment, one we are supporting with Louboutin fringed boots and and Member's Only Biker Jackets. And that is OK, its alright to sincerely like these things and be well off so get off your narcissistic aging high horse. Harley is publicly traded, the highway system keeps America's businesses in gear, and even your humble editor plans road trips to wayward third tier American cities of yore just for bar food. Thus we celebrate the fringe elements of Americana with expensive designer clothing that has repurposed the strange ideals of rebellion into thousand dollar jackets.
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