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Our Most Embarrassing Fashion Blunders Revealed

True story: not so long ago, I attended a movie screening in Times Square and on my way out, I unknowingly took the letter-size (8.5" x 11") 'reserved' sign out with me — stuck to the back of my head. Needless to say, I was truly grateful to the man who chased me down the street and alerted me of this embarrassing mishap. Humiliating? Yes. But it happens to the best of us — who can forget the pivotal moment on SATC when Carrie falls on the runway? — and quite frankly, everyone (including the mortified protagonist) will have a good laugh over it. Someday. To even out the playing field, I coaxed my fellow editors to share their most embarrassing fashion blunders, and from unwanted Marilyn Monroe moments to walking out of the house wearing different-colored shoes, there's a lot to laugh about. Read all about our fashion mishaps below, then share your own in the comments section!

  • The Marilyn Moment: "I bought this really cute, swishy See by Chloé skirt and I was so proud to wear it to work. My office was in Times Square, and that evening when I headed out, I was hailing a taxi, surrounded by a gazillion people, when a gust of wind caused my skirt to fly up around my face, revealing my not-really-cute underwear to what felt like the entire world." — Noria Morales, style director
  • Unintentional Soil: "There's nothing fun about staining new clothes, and in my case, nothing tops the time I rocked a new Summer LWD and basically 'soiled' it. More specifically, I sat in someone's leftover brownie on the subway en route to work, then proceeded to wear my unfortunate brownie stain on the back of my white dress for most of the day. Lesson learned: beware of sitting on pastries on the train!" — Marisa Tom, FabSugar associate editor
  • There's more where that came from . . .

  • Button Breakdown:"I was at my first day at work and I had on a vintage blazer over a sundress. I was feeling fabulous until I checked out my reflection in a store window and realized that I had buttoned my blazer incorrectly — little kid style. I quickly fixed the blunder, but my sidewalk strut was brought down a notch the rest of the way to work!" — Joy Adaeze, fashion editorial assistant
  • Shoe Havoc: "In an old job, I worked with a lot of international clients, so we had to hold conference calls at the crack of dawn and I had to do them in the office. Not wanting to wake up my husband, I'd get dressed in the virtual dark and head to the office just in time for dial-in. One morning, I got to work at 6 a.m. and around 10:30, my boss pointed out that I was wearing two different-color shoes — I owned the same shoes in two colors and didn't even realize it!" — Rebecca Gruber, LilSugar editor
  • Security Alert: "I ordered capri workout pants from Nordstrom online and when they arrived, I put them on and headed out to run errands. I soon discovered after setting off the alarm at every store I walked in and out of that the security sensor was still attached to my pants (Nordstrom forgot to remove it!). Needless to say, I had to bring them back to the store as I could not remove it myself." — Stacia Firestone, senior manager of member services
  • Too Much Flash: "I recently purchased an adorable crochet dress and the best part was that it already had a built-in slip, so there was no fuss about finding the right undergarments (or so I thought). I was so excited to wear it to work, I threw it on and headed out the door. While walking from the train to the office, I noticed I was getting a few extra looks along the way and thought to myself, 'Must be the dress!' When I got to the office, I realized it wasn't so much the dress but the lack of slip that was getting me noticed. The built-in slip that I thought was so great had risen up on my walk from the train, revealing a pair of bright white underwear that you could see plainly through the open crochet fabric of my dress. Note to self: the slip may be built in, but unless it's sewn right to the dress itself, it tends to move about during travel." — Hannah Weil, FabSugar associate editor
  • Sheer Embarrassment: "I wore a really cute silk Joie dress recently without realizing it was totally see-through in bright light! I had to buy a slip so I could wear it again." — Lauren Turner, PopSugar associate editor
  • Bra Blunder: "At Fashion Week last September, I was backstage at Cynthia Rowley and in trying to get a good angle (by bending awkwardly toward the ground) while shooting the shoes, I tore the left strap right off my dress. I stood up only to realize that the entire left side of my bra was now out and entirely visible. Thankfully, with all the half-dressed models backstage, no one really noticed my undergarments hanging out. Still, I was in a panic thinking about how I could cover this up — it was so hot out that day, I hadn't bothered to throw a sweater or jacket in my bag. But being backstage at a fashion show turned out to be just about the best place to get a good fix, with ample safety pins handy. Phew!" — Hannah Weil, FabSugar associate editor

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Joy-Adaeze Joy-Adaeze 5 years
Yup! We all have our crazy blunders : )
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 5 years
Love reading about all these mishaps, I guess they really happen to everyone. Mine is more of a beauty blunder- but here goes: One morning I used baby powder in my hair in place of dry shampoo. I went to work and thought all was well until around noon when I went to the bathroom and realized that the powder was not rubbed in AT ALL. My blonde hair was a weird whitish-gray at the roots/it looked like I was wearing George Washington's powdered wig. Needless to say, I've stuck to dry shampoo since then and always double check in bright light before I leave the house!
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