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Garance Dore Comments on Plus-Size Models

Do You Agree With Garance Doré: Plus-Size Models = Not Such a Good Thing?

Street style photographer Garance Doré has a thing or two to say about plus-size models. "It's not such a good thing to show plus-size because it's not really physically healthy and not always flattering to fashion," she said. V Magazine begs to differ. But before you get offended, she has more to say: "It should not be such a big deal to show women with different bodies, but sometimes it's treated like a bit of joke, or for shock." Exhibit A: the plus-size models on the Mark Fast Fall runway. She thinks it's naive of the fashion industry because, although it would be nice to say that the idea of different body shapes is normal, she believes it's not yet. Does Garance have a point or is she just being insensitive?

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MJfan MJfan 7 years
what a stupid comment. Ofcourse there should be plus size models. Why? Because 50% of the women in the world are a plus size. And they got money, so they want clothes that fit.
ahles ahles 7 years
A tall-ish size 0 CAN be perfectly healthy too folks. Some of us even have extra curvy hip to waist ratios and eat foods like alfredo sauce. That said, I'd like to see more variety on runways because a good designer ought to be able to make clothes that will make ALL women (within reason) look good- not just those with broader shoulders, no butt, and twig legs. And if women had any sense in their heads, they would not buy from those who don't flatter the female form. If they voted with their wallets, designers would follow along to retain customers.
zyasia zyasia 7 years
first off... the idea that being able to see every bone on your body protruding from your skin is somehow "healthy" is preposterous. anyone looking at these frail girls strolling down the runway today can see they are by no means "healthy". many of them would pass out if hit by a stiff wind and the fact that they can be 5'11" and taller, weighing a mere 117 lbs. is outrageous. how this look became equated with "health" is beyond me and i really wish they'd stop the crap and show models who actually eat. no one is advocating obesity, there's a definite line to be drawn there however I think it's safe to say that we're all just about sick and tired of seeing girls who look like over-sized toddlers representing "real women".
mariemjs mariemjs 7 years
Urgh, I actually liked Garance Doré's blog but now she's so full of herself, and this comment is definitely not helping. This is typically a snoby Parisian French reaction. I'm French, I know how French people are, discriminating plus size people and literally judging everyone without thinking twice, and she's showing - again - how being curvy is considered unhealthy by people who have no idea what they're talking about. The plus size models like Crystal Renn, on the pictures, are really healthy, and saying the contrary is a lot of crap. But what's considered plus sizes in the fashion industry is merely "average" normal for the rest of the world!! Unhealthy is obese or morbidly obese, and if JPG used some very plus sizes/obese models in his shows, it was for the shock factors not to make a statement about weight and I understand that above a certain weight, there is an issue of health (but not always, mind you, it's just another one of those clichés...). But the so called plus size models like Crystal and so many others are far from being bad examples, on the contrary, compared to the current sticky thin ones, and that's a fact! Garance Dore is from Paris, she's been wandering in the fashion world for ages and lives in another dimension of clothes, money, and stereotypes. The pictures on her blog always show thin and slim people as if it was the absolute norm, and she makes this comment only because she's blind to what's really happening out there and cut from reality. I find this extremly disappointing, and quite pretentious as well.
Mars77 Mars77 7 years
Its hard to say, because i dont think the industry cares abaout health, because super skninny girls arent healthy, but sometimes plus size women have a weight problem as well, we should focus in more realistic shapes which are healthy. Im ok with thw idea of embracing a woman curves, but it can be as bad as an anorexic if we push the lines too much.
Venus1 Venus1 7 years
Clearly the red dress shown here is at least one size too small. But aside to that to start arguing that it's not really physically healthy is a bit over the top. Which ever way you look at it zero size models are not it's not physically healthy either!
WTCelesta WTCelesta 7 years
There are two many questions that pop up in this regard. First, do plus size women browse plus size catalogues or they prefer to pick the styles up from skinny runway models as the smaller size women do? I tend to think that there are many plus size ladies out there who prefer not to emphasize their situation by following specifically plus size fashion. If we are somewhat unhappy with our looks, we look after our ideals, not after our reality, stereotypically. Second, skinny models became kind of a universal norm, but if I open a catalogue and it's only plus size ladies, whoa, I know immediately it's a plus size collection. I think, the optimal situation would be if there was a healthy, society representative mix of models in any runway. Short and tall, skinny and pleasantly plump. But that's not gonna happen, is it? :)
else411 else411 7 years
I voted I don't know, but I would be more inclined to agree with her if she had spoken now or in the past about the super skinny models who also aren't healthy. I'm thinking of the two brazilian models who had heart attacks(?). Plus the many models who talk about how hard it is to stay at size 0-2.
Sweedalicious Sweedalicious 7 years
What really upsets me is when PLUS SIZE catalogs use skinny models! Roaman's is a great example of this.
jill10014 jill10014 7 years
I looked through the photos and none of those women are that big and I personally would hardly constitute them as being "plus sized." The women in the photos have bigger boobs and hips than the usual runway models. BFD. Maybe the skinny runway models should go eat a sandwich ....
bryseana bryseana 7 years
I think the model in these photos is really attractive. I don't understand people in the fashion industry. They reject different body types, yet it's different body types that are buying their clothes, reading their fashion magazines, etc... To be honest, it's more than offensive or insensitive. It seems to be a type of tolerated prejudice.
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
Umm I don't think they're appealing to see when you put them on skintight clothing that doesn't flatter them! Crystal Renn is gorgeous but it's almost like they're sabotaging her with that outfit. :o And I don't understand why designers say now isn't the time yet etc etc. Why not? When will it ever be? Plus size in the fashion industry = (usually) a normal, healthy weight in the real world = healthy! As far as I'm concerned. These people can be so deluded. I will agree though that some magazines treat the issue like some kind of joke.
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