>> Garance Dore has been experimenting more and more with video content on her blog, and there's a reason, she tells The Huffington Post in a recent interview: "My dream project is to do a movie . . . about girls and life and fashion. But it's really a dream project. I'm not even at the beginning of it."

But she says for now, "more realistic[ally]," there's television. Dore's boyfriend, The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman, hinted about a TV project at the end of last year, and Dore brings the subject up again:

We're working on a TV show with Scott. We don't know yet exactly what form it's going to have. It's the same thing: why would we do a classic TV show, when the world is changing? And the world of media is changing? So we are working on the concept. We want something that talks to the people very easily and that you can see on the Internet.

The show wouldn't follow her or Schuman »

She adds that the show will not follow her and Schuman and cites Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP newsletter as a possible influence.  "Well, I think it will be based on what we see. And the world is in such little pieces now and you take your information from everywhere. I'd like to go ask people I trust, 'Who's a great musician?' and then maybe meet the musician and then do the same with fashion or food. I think it will be more fashion-oriented."