I'm telling the truth when I say I am not an avid watcher of The Hills. But, I will admit to some "background TV" of the show, and stopping mid-action to tune in. I swear that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. With my testimony out of the way, who will be tuning in for the premiere of The Hills, Season 3 on Monday?

One part of this guilty pleasure I do pay attention to is the clothes. With these girls' wealth, fame and bods it's no surprise they are into fashion. Oh, and those Teen Vogue internships may have something to do with it too. These gals may not be the most fashion forward or eccentric, but they know their It bags, designer denim and party tops, as pointed out by this week's Life & Style. Here are my picks for some fun party tops to try on, Hills style.

P.S. I threw some cute lower-priced items in for good measure.