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Spring Fashion
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Spring Fashion
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Geometry in Fashion

Kingdom of Style and Style Bubble Shoutout: Sacred Geometry

The geometry of life peculates through our the shared social consciousness. Golden ratios and fearful symmetries populate our art and literature so it is no small wonder that two of our community partners, Kingdom of Style and Style Bubble, both have posts heavy on geometric fashion. Style Bubble is looking after squares and Kingdom of Style is obsessing over Complex Geometries. We feel like we should take this opportunity to point out that just a little bit of math makes fashion a lot better. Because in no other place but math do we find the relationship between truth and beauty to be as true or complex. Which given just how ugly a business fashion is, it is no surprise that we like to inject a little beauty via the truth. Isn't the golden ration pleasing to look at even in equation form? And if not then go check out our shoutouts because they certainly found beauty in geometry already.
Visit our other shoutouts here.
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