The drama continued on last week's episode of Project Runway. See our recap to get you ready for tonight. You can catch tonight's episode at 10/9c on Bravo.

The challenge: to design a pageant gown for Tara Conner, Miss USA, to wear in last Sunday night's Miss Universe pageant (The beauty contest was eventually won by Miss Puerto Rico, who promptly passed out).

The contestants went through a pageant of their own as each of them pitched Miss USA on designs to meet her requirements of earth tones, low backs and tasteful necklines. Seven designers were chosen to realize their visions and they - in a manner reminiscent of my second grade kickball memories - each chose a partner to be on their team. And, of course, drama ensued.

Vera Wang, queen of the evening gown, and Ms. Conner herself were the guest judges as Michael Kors sat this one out.

When the dust settled, the surprise loser was Malan, who spewed out this horrible brown design:

And, no surprise, Kayne, the pageant gown designer, won with this shimmering purple gown:

For the water cooler highlights,


FourFour posted these terrific screen shots for your viewing pleasure:

Angela won "Biggest Beatch" for her unveiled attempt to suck up to Kayne in the hopes of hitching her wagon to his star.

When Vincent finally was stuck with her, she spent the entire episode reminding him how horrible the gown looked. No one likes her.

Keith totally creeped us out as he attempted to cop a feel on Miss USA during his pitch, and gushed "I want to see your legs... They're gorgeous..."

We understand what fitted looks like without you grabbing the Girls! Next time keep your hands off the judges.

Malan's vision missed the mark and brought to an end one of the more interesting and colorful characters on the show. And he was just starting to open up to us about how his mom abused him and he had no real friends! *sniff* Mark my words, he'll be back -- his crazy accent alone should buy him more airtime!