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Gilt Groupe Hurting Fashion

Are Sample Sale Websites Like Gilt Groupe Hurting Designers' Cachet?

>> Is the proliferation of sample sale websites ultimately hurting designers? The Wall Street Journal's Alexis Swerdloff thinks so. She writes: "Due to a surge in sample-sale websites like Gilt Groupe, the cachet once associated with owning a name-brand designer has been significantly diluted; getting your hands on a Marc Jacobs bag is easier than it's ever been. This, combined with a post-recession wariness of conspicuous logo-flaunting and an eco-fueled desire for small-batch, low-impact authenticity, may be shifting the nature of luxury. It's no longer about who made your dress, but at what out-of-the-way dusty market you found it. Call it the Eat, Pray, Love-ization of fashion." [WSJ]

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