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Gisele Bundchen Had a "Moment of Doubt" at Her First Post-Pregnancy Shoot

Gisele Bundchen Had a "Moment of Doubt" at Her First Post-Pregnancy Shoot

>> Last Monday, Gisele Bundchen had her first post-pregnancy photoshoot for Colcci's ad campaign, and just a week later, the first image by David Sims has surfaced — at left.  Gisele can be quite press-shy about personal matters — she never confirmed her pregnancy, leaving that to husband Tom Brady when she was already in her third trimester — but now, she seems ready to talk.

She told Brazilian TV show Fantastico of getting back to modeling after taking a break for four months: “Before coming here [the studio] I was pretty worried about if I still could do everything. This moment of doubt really happened. I didn’t know if I’d be able to embody a character. For the first picture I was feeling lost. After the second picture there were no problems anymore, I’m starting to feel comfortable with my body again."

She wore the her pre-pregnancy clothes all through her pregnancy »

It doesn't hurt that during pregnancy she didn't gain much and "little by little" recovered her form, despite not having time to exercise postpartum. She told Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo: "I kept myself in good shape during the entire pregnancy, with a healthy diet, doing yoga and meditation, doing kung fu [until nine months pregnant]. I gained some weight, but I kept using almost the same clothes with some little adjustments to fit the belly."

Now that she's a mother, expect to see her less: "I’ve some contracts and engagements that I’ve to carry out. But I’ll work less to be able to enjoy this amazing moment in my life."  And as for seeing baby Benjamin: "I do have pictures but I won’t show him to you guys now. Someday you’ll see him . . . I’ll do everything in my power to protect his privacy. I’m a public person, I deal with the press, my job demands it. But he has nothing to do with my work or anything else related to it, he’s my son and he doesn’t need all that craziness."

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