Destiny's Child aren't the only ones who can sing about being bootylicious. Now you can too! Here are two new ways to boost your butt without having to do thousands of lunges and squats.

Belive it or not, Wonderbra is getting into the butt-enhancing business. The company has created a special padded pair of undies, called Curves-Up Wonderbot, with removable pads that form a heart shape. These are meant for the ladies looking for a little bit of extra junk in their trunk; I never thought I'd see the day. So far, these have only been released in England, but look for them in November (retail price: about $38) wherever Wonderbra products are sold.

For one more booty enhancer,

The booty pads in the Frederick's of Hollywood Premiere Shapewear Bottom Kit are similar to the boob-lifting chicken cutlets that Dear wrote about a while back. The set, available here for $110, includes silicone gel derriere pads, a TLC low-rise short, a pair of Bottom Line Boy Shorts with a silicone strip to ensure a luscious lift, and Pick Me Up Derriere Bands that you pull right up to your bum to add lift.