For not originally setting out to become a jewelry designer, Katharine Sise has had fast success.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, she moved to NYC to become an actress. But the gods had other plans for her. To make some money on the side, Katharine took up jewelry designing, but her designs became so popular, she made it her career. Stars like Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, and Drew Barrymore have all worn Katharine's creations. What's more, her jewels have made their way onto shows like The View and Full Frontal Fashion.

She currently has seven collections which run the gamut from antique-looking to thoroughly modern. Prices range from $135 to the thousands. She mostly makes rings and earrings, but it's her layered chain necklaces a la Givenchy's Fall collection that stand out.

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