If Eric Daman looks familiar to you, it's because he was recently posing pretty with Leighton Meester at the launch of his book, You Know You Want It: Style – Inspiration – Confidence ($20).

The Gossip Girl costume designer knows a thing or two about fashion, after all, don't we all covet Blair, Serena, Vanessa, and Jenny's fabulous Upper East Side ensembles? Daman says the trick to pulling off any ensemble is owning it, and in this book, he teaches us how to do just that via confidence and pizazz. (Side note, I think confidence is a woman's personal journey, I don't believe it can be taught.)

“A catalyst for the book was that I wanted to send the message that fashion and style [don’t] have to be scary — [they] can be totally accessible,” said Daman. "I always say style is 20 percent fashion and 80 percent confidence. You have to own it.” The book also includes a forward by the queen bee herself, Leighton Meester.