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Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: Episode 12 "School Lies"

There's nothing better than kicking off the new year with a scandalous episode of Gossip Girl [1]. Someone always gets hurt when you get a bunch of rich kids partying by the pool — but I didn't expect the guilty party to be who it was (no spoilers here!). Everything unraveled after the incident, although I'm still a bit confused as to what's going on between Blair/Chuck/Nate. Blair is about to burst, that's for sure. And is anyone else dying to see Lily and Rufus give it a try? They may have missed their chance . . . Shame. Hopefully you weren't too distracted by the Fab poolside wares to take our fashion quiz! And be sure to take geek's tech quiz [2] and Bella's beauty quiz [3], too.

Photos courtesy of the CW [4]

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: Episode 12 "School Lies"

What kind of sunglasses was Chuck wearing at the pool?


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