It is really sad that Gossip Girl is over, temporarily, but what a great finale episode it was. While I couldn't keep my eyes off Serena's endless fabulous coat collection, all the twists and turns left me seriously wanting more. All secrets and lies revealed, B quickly went from the top to rock bottom. As one of her followers schooled her, "Consider yourself dethroned Queen B." Whoa. But friendship prevailed and Serena rescued her bestie from escaping her fears. In the meantime, Serena faced her own fears in matters of the heart. And little Jenny is on the up and up. Bubbly for all! Sort of. Until next season, take our last fashion quiz below. xoxo

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Photos courtesy of the CW

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: Episode 13 "The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"

Who designed Serena's black and white print bag?