Just when I was starting to get heavily sucked into Gossip Girl again, they pulled the rug from underneath me. Darn! Last night was the season finale, but fret not, because the Upper East Siders are only going on Summer break. When we reunite in the Fall, things are going to be vastly different. Serena and Dan's relationship is a big question mark (boo), while Chuck and Blair's rekindled romance may take off (hot). Georgina is set to go away to boot camp, but I'm not convinced she'll stay. We shall see, but in the meantime, get your last dose of Gossip Girl with my fashion quiz. Gadget lovers, take Geek's tech quiz. Beauty buffs, take Bella's beauty quiz!

Photos courtesy of the CW

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: "Much 'I Do' About Nothing"

What kind of coat was Serena wearing in the park when she called Dan?