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Grammy Awards: Miley Cyrus

It would be nice if we could actually see the Celine dress Miley Cyrus is wearing tonight. Her extensions are so long, they practically cover the entire top half of the dress. From what I can tell, it's rather '20s party girl. The silver accessories work well, too. Do you love it or hate it?

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coolchick2009 coolchick2009 8 years
she looks terrible. awful to be exact. she only 14 for goodness sakes, i agree she is definitely trying to hard.
momamia momamia 8 years
Dear spoliedBrat700: We are not making fun of HER hair were telling the truth. Her hair is freakin' bought at the store Who do you think you are anyway. And why would we want to be her. I mea seriously who wants to post nude pics of them on the internet. You know we used to actally like her but now, now she has just turned in to brittany spears but almost worst. so what you need to do is stop trying to act like you own her. You know YOUR the one who wants to be her.
momamia momamia 8 years
I think she looks trashy. She looks like a striper or something. I really feel sorry for the little girls that look up to her. Her dress looks like Aulomium Foil. All you have to do is look up miley cyrus on google images and see a bunch of nude pictures of her.
lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
Yeah, I love everything but her face (haha), just way too much eyeloner, it makes her face look older and fatter...
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