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Guess the Laundry Symbol

I laundry. You laundry. We all laundry. That's why it's vital to know what those laundry symbols stand for. Sometimes they can be the deciding factor in whether or not to purchase a piece. And most importantly, they can prevent damage to your most coveted clothes. How well do you know those symbols? Here's your chance to find out.

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Can you guess what this laundry symbol means?

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What does this symbol stand for?

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Guess what this sign means.

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What does this laundry symbol suggest?

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This one should be easy.

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Last but not least, what does this laundry symbol stand for?

wastedtalent wastedtalent 7 years
5/6 i missed the drip dry. i'll have to remember that because i never knew that :P
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
Sherellj Sherellj 7 years
Missed 2 but I know my laundry...Drip Dry? never seen the simbol in my life
prencesschris prencesschris 8 years
6/6 ! :D
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
5/6. Drip dry got me.
megankate02 megankate02 8 years
4.6. not too bad for a 15 year old that doesn't do washing!
dnye dnye 8 years
4/6 good so i know somethings could be worse.
hottpink hottpink 8 years
Great quiz!
bellanatella bellanatella 8 years
6/6. I guess I'm more logical than I thought I suppose as I'd never seen those before.
kr1sti kr1sti 8 years
5/6 The last one was tough, or maybe I've just never seen it before.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
Great quiz, I missed the last one though!
fashionista0914 fashionista0914 8 years
Helpful! :D
kedawen kedawen 8 years
Aww missed that last one!! That was fun. :D
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Loved this quiz, Fab!!
smiley13tree smiley13tree 8 years
4/6, wow this was actually kinda useful.
Sunbelle098 Sunbelle098 8 years
5/6...and I've never seen any of them in my life. Boyfriend does the laundry. Great success!
tinklestar tinklestar 8 years
4/6 maybe i should pay more attention to those little signals!
pss pss 8 years
6/6 this is easy
Teefx2 Teefx2 8 years
5/6 omg these were totally on one of my fashion class finals. ><
jamiejane jamiejane 8 years
4/6. not too shabby for a poor college student.
digigirlnz digigirlnz 8 years
wow 4/6 i have never seen any of those symbols before.. maybe we have different ones in New Zealand
Claudia-Lopez Claudia-Lopez 8 years
6/6 :D :D :D Yay!
kellyn009 kellyn009 8 years
omg, i've never seen any of those symbols before in my life!
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 8 years
100% - Rocked that one.
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