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Temptalia Shoutout: Southern Fried

Getting a little color is good for you! Or at least that is the consensus among grandmotherly types prone to body dismorphia oriented aphorisms like "you could stand to put some meat on your bones." Except with skin cancer rates souring and obesity levels reaching dizzy levels perhaps old timey sayings are a little dangerous hmmmm? And while people will do some pretty stupid things if they others will find them more attractive, Temptalia is fighting the good fight with a three part series on self tanning. All of the glory and very little of the guts...err umm negative side effects! As a former blond bouncy sorority girl we happen to feel very well qualified to weigh in as well with our personal favorite tanner Clarins Self Tanning Milk with SPF 6. Slather it on like moisturizer and then go out in the sun without fear. Ahhh those were the glory days.
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