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H&M Garden Collection First Look From Fab

H&M Garden Collection First Look From Fab

We're not the only ones excited about H&M's Garden Collection; FashionWithoutGuilt has been setting her timers.

I can hardly contain myself. The arrive date is near for the long awaited Garden Collection from H&M. I am like OCD when it comes down to something that I really want and I know that there is a limited supply.

I have called H&M at least 10 times in the past two weeks just to make sure that I have not missed a beat. I have even set a reminder on my work calendar so that I can call right as the store opens to put certain items on hold. And here are some pictures from my computer as proof:

h&m garden collection


For the rest,


h&m garden collection

The collection is premering on March 25th. I can hardly hide the excitement and anxiousness that I feel. I have literally had a dream that I am at H&M trying on the collection. I know I am CRAZZYYYY!!! I wrote about the Garden Collection back in January and posted some of my MUST HAVE ITEMS.

But Fabsugar they have a exclusive sneak peek inside the collection before it hits stores. Is anyone as EXCITED AS I AM?

Video Source: FabTv

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Asche Asche 7 years
Is H&M sponsoring these posts?
norabora norabora 7 years
it is definitely already at all the h&ms in san francisco- i bought a dress from the line over the weekend.
Asche Asche 7 years
We've had the stuff for ages now in Europe. Just to warn you: it's horribly cheap looking.
AWintour AWintour 7 years
They have a few pieces of the collection in the SF store by Union Square. I'm sure they will roll out the rest come March 25th.
ticklezmepink ticklezmepink 7 years
Yeah.. The collection is already in stores in the H&Ms in the South Bay/ Bay Area...
myystque myystque 7 years
Yeah, I was just at the H&M in Glendale and the collection is there already. It's a pretty good one. In fact, I bought some cute shorts.
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