If you've ever wish your photos could be touched up like celebrities on magazine covers, you're now in luck. Hewlett Packard has just come out with seven different versions of its Photosmart Digital Slimming Cameras, which include a feature that can make your photo subjects look up to 10 pounds thinner. When the slimming effect is applied, the pixels of the photo are compressed in the center and expanded on the edges, so everything stays in proportion.

You can buy the cameras here, and the various models range in price from $169 to $399.99. (Be sure and apply for your rebate to get the discount). Better yet, the slimming effect is just one of more than 25 cool artistic effects on these cameras. To learn how to put your photo subjects on a digital diet,

The slimming features is basically like having photo editing software at your fingertips, and it's really easy to use. All you do is:

  • Take a photo.
  • Go to the menu on the back of the camera, select an image and press OK.
  • Highlight the design/gallery menu and press OK.
  • Highlight "apply artist effects."
  • Adjust the level of the slimming effect using the arrows and press OK. The original image that you took will always be saved just in case you don't like the way it turned out.

What do you guys think of this idea?