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Hammer Pants

Hammer Pant Saturation Point

Our network partner's post was the icing on the sweet, cavity-inducing cake that is The Hammer Pant Trend. This morning, wanting a fresh, fashion-forward look for Monday morning at the office, That's Chic snapped a pic of herself wearing H&M's latest incarnation of the pant of the summer. In her post on the outfit, she references another network partner of ours, a miss Style Bubble, who mused on the trend back in, ahem, August 2007. We might officially put this topic to bed, but before we do, we just can't help bringing back our posts on the silhouette that is holding our hand while we transition from skinny jeans to wider styles.

On Friday afternoon, in Phone Tag, we called 3.1 Phillip Lim to make sure they didn't have any harem pants left. A few months ago we got immaterial over a Rick Owens pair of drop-crotch trousers. We've also referenced the trend numerous times and had many a conversation over this punctuation mark in the changing silhouette. It also deserves a mention that, in the blogsphere, the conversation was being put to bed around the same time a certain fashion magazine wrote a nice little article on how, gasp, 'they're everywhere!'. A final sendoff to the pant that's given us so much content? The YSL Fall 08 version, our favorite by far (not to mention that haircut, which is, as we speak, taking New York by storm) and definitely a version that will not be forgotten.

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