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Have You Ever Bought Different Colors of the Same Thing?

Shoes, accessories, clothes...anything you love and have to have more colors of! Thanks to imahoopie for the idea!


dawicca dawicca 10 years
with t-shirts, tank tops, and camis ... yep :)
sarahhoerst sarahhoerst 10 years
If it fits great and its a basic then yea-- If I find an amazing fitting pair of trousers I always get them in multiples. But I wouldn't if it was something that is a signature or unique piece.
inadee inadee 10 years
I do this very rarely but in the last year I've done it twice. First it was because I tried on a kimono dress from Dorothy Perkins in black and electric blue and it was so flattering I bought the gray and apple green version as well. This week I've done it again because I got some black high-waisted trousers from George at ASDA and they fit so well I got a gray pair as well. I think those are the only two times I have ever done that though.
electricblue electricblue 10 years
yes it was a plain singlet tops so it hardly counts i think it doesnt matter if you wear it differently and you can dress it up/down
angel0950 angel0950 10 years
omg! i'm notorious for buying the same thing in different colors! it's hard for me to find things i like and when i do, i stockpile! trying to get out of it but it's so tough!
jen22 jen22 10 years
If its a shoe I like. I have to buy it in every color. :)
zc zc 10 years
ive done it with tops and one piar of flats.
purrtykitty purrtykitty 10 years
all the time with tanks, t-shirts, sweaters, and especially with pants/jeans that fit really well.
nati nati 10 years
Always... I'm so obsessed!
sassy3lady sassy3lady 10 years
Ok so not always but if I find something that I like that fits really great I do buy more than one color. Finding clothes that really fit well is such a problem for me lately, so I have to get more than one.
any any 10 years
sometimes in flipflop,
elizabethrosalyn elizabethrosalyn 10 years
I sometimes do that with tank tops.
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 10 years
Sometimes. It depends on the item.
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
Oooooooooooo and converse, I have a load of converse in different colours!
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
I do with basics like tanks, tees or jean washes but otherwise not really...
Rachiepop Rachiepop 10 years
I do it a lot. I have various tee's I've bought at the same time in three or more different colors, some sandals in multiple colors and skirts. I can't help it lol.
ailene ailene 10 years
I buy Shade Cap Sleeve Under Tees in different colors. I currently have them in teal, hot pink, black, and white. I want to get about 3 to 4 more so I can have a different color for every day of the week! :) Ailene
rubialala rubialala 10 years
If I love it, I will buy it in every color and sometimes more than one in the same color, especially if it is a staple. I have gone through many a white or black button down from spills, rips, or just flat out wearing it out and I'm so glad to have another new shirt that I love right behind it.
katie225 katie225 10 years
i do, especially when there's a sale (like 2 for 1 or something). plus, when they're layering tanks or shirts, it really comes in handy!
nybella nybella 10 years
basic things shouldn't count. like t-shirts and tank tops. however, i bought a gorgeous grecian dress in two colors because i loved the way the both looked on me
evita evita 10 years
i always do it with camis and cardigans (office gear)!
omgosh-dee omgosh-dee 10 years
i do it with the basic items, like cute turtlenecks and tank tops.
mommie mommie 10 years
Once in a while. I just did as a matter of fact. A pair of Calvin Klein wedges I bought earlier this summer in red patent went on sale and I bought a pair of black patent.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 10 years
if it's a staple in my wardrobe, definitely. i live in polos at work, so i got multiple colors of the same ones from old navy, and different colored pairs of chucks, and stuff . . .
partysugar partysugar 10 years
I do this all the time especially with basics like tube tops, tanks, and long sleeve tees.
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