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Have You Ever Shoplifted?

A la Winona!


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anon1234r5t6y7u8 anon1234r5t6y7u8 4 years
im pretty sure that most stores have security tags. but if you ever go to a store when its busy, make sure you have a bag from there with a reciept and something you recently purchased from the store, make sure to hide the stolen items, just stop and look around when the security beepers come on, most store associates will just let you go because you stopped and obviously have nothing to hide. and if they ask to see your stuff just show them and they will let you leave regardless if the security thing goes off again
lovely1089 lovely1089 9 years
ive been shoplifting since i was 6. but it was just small things like candy/gum etc. then i stopped and got very addicted to it in high school. i would say ive stolen 600$-800$ worth of stuff. then finally my senior year of high school i got caught stealing a pair of 7$ earrings at the mall. i had to go to court so many times through out the whole year. but what i got is 15 hrs of community service and a 55$ fine. the worst part in my opinion was going to all those court dates at 8am. [i hate waking up early...] thankfully it was not put in my records. i havent stolen anything in a year. which for me is a great acomplishment. :]
melanie1234 melanie1234 9 years
I knew a girl who used to shoplift all the time. She would go into a department store wearing baggy sweatpants and a jacket (mostly in the winter time) and would put a pair of expensive designer jeans(sevens, true religions, joes ect.) that range from about $145-$200 or more. She would also steal shirts, juicy zipups, and swimsuits by just simply putting them on under her clothes and walking out of the store. None of the clothing items have security tags or detectors at the doors which i think is surprising and unrealistic for a store with such high quality merchendise. Probably after about 8 pairs of jeans, 5 swimsuits and 10 shirts she got caught but only for the pair of jeans she tried to steal at the time she was convicted. She is banned from the department store for life and the surrounding mall for one year. I have never shoplifted and dont plan on it. I do believe that if a shoplifter is caught once and has a clean record, they will never do it again and will learn to think twice about the decisions they make. If I was a boss at a store and was interviewing a possible employee with a record of shoplifting one time, I wouldnt not hire them because of it. I would be more suspicious of the people who dont have it on their record because now a days so many people shoplift and dont get caught they could really be the ones stealing. its hard to know who could be doing it but i believe that say 9/10 people who are caught shoplifting, will never do it again. Everyone make mistakes, big or small, but we end up learning from them in the end and thats what really matters.
keishi keishi 9 years
Yeah. I've shoplifted tons before. Clothes, makeup, jewelry, CDs, and some really random stuff. Not because I actually NEED it or can't afford it, I just did it simply because I can. I don't really see the horror behind stealing. yeah I've totally had MANY things stolen from me so it's not like I don't know what it feels like to have something stolen from you. I'm sure most that read this will think I do this just to be rebellious, but that's just not all of it. Think about it. Our society encourages us to buy EVERYTHING. And for ridiculous prices. Come on people, I know you don't believe that the clothes your wearing cost the price you paid for them. And the outrageous money you paid doesn't actually see the people that are on the low end of the latter, it's the select few that own the business. They see all the money. By the way I have never stolen from an actual person or small business, just big corporations. Yeah I know most will say that still doesn't justify stealing, but whatever. What about people that steal to actually survive. And when I say survive I mean survive. Like most of you said "stealing is stealing no matter what it is". How in the world could that be justified? Well I know that doesn't pertain to me but some people need to be a little more open minded, the world isn't black and white. I bet most people here have the same opinion about abortion. I personally think that it's my body and I'll do what I want. But I'm guessing most don't think that way. Well what if some girl was raped. Why should she have to live with someone else's mistake. Ya know?
Vannuccia Vannuccia 10 years
Classy Phantasmagoria ...
Vdogg Vdogg 10 years
I too am guilty of shoplifting back in the day.. It was a few years ago & i must say i was quite good at it.. i would go out with friends who also stole, and they wouldn't even notice when i stole stuff after standing beside me the whole time! I think that if your friends are shoplifters it definately influences you, so stay away! if you ever meet someone who's into it. I stole 100's of dollars worth of clothing & jewellery from department stores, & then i stopped out of guilt. THEN, when i gotten jewellery of my OWN stolen at school one day (karma's a bitch), i decided to replace them, & boom - i got caught by an undercover security gaurd. I got banned from the mall for a year & a 300$ fine, but little did i know i would meet the assistant manager of the mall that summer on vacation, & he would lift the fine & the banishment. Guess im lucky for a sinner!
phantasmagoria phantasmagoria 10 years
I've stolen a thong from H&M, which I don't really consider a crime, and of course loads of candy from the supermarket.
amiemoos amiemoos 10 years
I'm way too paranoid to do anything like that. Plus, I walk into a store and it doesn't even cross my mind to not pay for something. Although, I used to work for a retail store that is part of a huge chain and as part of their training they tell you what to look for in shoplifters. All I can say is I learnt so much! It was like 'learn to shoplift 101'. But then I guess if you can't trust your employees, who can you trust?!
Nerdphanie Nerdphanie 10 years
This is so interesting! I've never shoplifted and I don't condone it, but I understand why people do it. I'm glad most of you have moved on from that, though..
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I was once in a store with my mom (I was maybe 6 or 7) and a teenage girl was being caught for shop lifting. She pulled me over where I could see her and said "You see that? She is getting in trouble with the police for stealing. Don't EVER do that. If you want something, ask me for it first. NEVER steal."
Wicked Wicked 10 years
I did when I was ten. I stole lipbalm and a pen.
mollipop mollipop 10 years
No, I couldn't because the guilt would eat me up.
krampalicious krampalicious 10 years
amandaaa- i firmly believe that if the worst thing you do in your life is shoplift, even if it's a lot, then you are going to be okay. maybe i just have loose morals or something, but seriously. there are so much more worse things you could do. of course people are going to judge--they always do. and as much as i cringe when i hear the world "bible," there is one quote that really fits, especially in this situation: judge not, lest ye be judged. am i proud i was chronic shoplifter? no. do i lose sleep over it at night thinking i'm going to hell? never.
amandaaa amandaaa 10 years
also, if you have a friend or friends that encourage it, don't listen to them and don't hang out with them. they may say that you're stupid and that it's "so easy." but they can pull you down with them...which is kind of what happened to me. i realized i can't hang out with my one shoplifting friend anymore because of that. she would encourage me way too much and berate me. she even got caught with me! and she still said yesterday "why would you pay for something if you can steal it?" stealing is morally wrong. i understand and i have changed.
amandaaa amandaaa 10 years
i am very ashamed in admitting this to you all. for the past...idk six months i stoplifted a became a little bit of a problem. a friend and i used to have a day or two a week where we would pick a mall or general area of shopping and hop around from store to store. i learned many different tricks for different stores and all the legalities. i got caught twice and i have learned my lesson. i am not proud, at ALL and i really am scared of how you all will view me. and it's also that fear that will keep me from doing it, as well as other things, duh. people look down so badly on people that shoplift and i, being very self-conscious, don't want to be looked upon as a horrible person! in court, i MYSELF found myself judging other girls that were there for the same things i did. and EcannDallas, thank you for putting that out there. i also think about the people who do inventory and how much it would suck if i were them. and of course, how upset I would be if things were taken from me! so please don't tell me i am a bad person...i know i am, and i am guilty and i have learned my lesson. it's a little hard NOT to shoplift, because i learned that some stores are SO easy. but you know what, if i really want something, i just need to work harder and make more money to get it, because the repurcusions from what i did are a greater inconvenience than the gratification i may have gotten from taking items i really liked and still enjoy. and can someone explain the "show ID" thing. i work at a racetrack and sometimes i see it on cards when i take payments and i never really learned about it.
junebrug junebrug 10 years
No, never. But those of you, especially Shoe Addict, who accidentally took things when you were 7 are off the hook as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't even count. A grown person who takes something is another story.
genel genel 10 years
Yeah, I'm guilty of shoplifting. (I'm not proud of it AT ALL!) It was during my younger years--before I ever had a job. But I didn't do it for the thrill of being "rebellious," or whatever. I did it because my family was broke. It was a desperate attempt to save money. I would feel SO bad whenever my mom would try to buy me something or give me a few dollars to spend because I knew we had so little. *sigh* Those were some really tough times! Fortunately, things have been much better now. I could NEVER go back to doing that.
dropstar dropstar 10 years
PS- I'm all for making it mandatory to show ID when making credit card purchases. Right now, people ask arbitrarily, and that is what people of color find offensive!
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