On this week's episode of The Hills Lauren headed home after an exhilarating trip to Paris. Though she was excited to reconnect with Audrina, she was saddened by Whitney's imminent departure from Teen Vogue. And, she wished she could forget about Brody and his antics altogether. We got to see a lot of our Fab favorite Whitney as she started an exciting new chapter of her life working for Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution, though Kelly's brusque manner and blunt description of the demanding position may have scared her a little. Meanwhile, Heider and Spenci dealt with their relationship turmoil, both a little unsure about what their new situation living apart will mean. See how well you were paying to the most important part of the show (fashion, duh!) with our fun quiz!

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Photos courtesy of MTV

The Hills Fashion Quiz: Episode 20 "Back to LA"

What girly accessory did Whitney embellish her look with when asking Lisa Love for her blessing at People's Revolution?