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Hip Hangover Remedies

If you overindulged last weekend, don't worry: There are some great over-the-counter solutions for those terrible hangovers we're all guilty of from time to time. Sure, greasy foods might work too, but I prefer herbal remedies instead for a pick-me-up that's easy on the stomach. Just remember to rehydrate and apologize to your posse for anything that you conveniently can't remember doing from your wild night out.

Sweet Botanicals Hangover Drops are the latest and greatest cure for hell-on-earth hangovers. These delicious candies are made from real red fruit juices, bramble, lemon, orange, rose hips, and a smidgen of ginseng. You can buy a pack for $6.50 here or email to place an order request. She'll e-mail you back with payment instructions.

To see the rest,

Whittard Hangover Tea Bags are also a fantastic remedy to help you cope with your pounding head. This soothing blend of hibiscus, rose hips, orange peels, passion fruit, bramble, lemon, raspberry, ginseng, and apple tastes deeeelish and is oh so easy on your woozy belly! Buy a box of eight tea bags here for $4.79.

Lastly, here's how to make your own hangover helper at home. Take a multivitamin (mineral supplement) and wash it down with a large glass of unsweetened orange juice. Next, make a hot cup of peppermint tea (don't use milk) to help quiet the waves and gurgles in your tummy. If you are able to get out of bed, make some oatmeal (use water, not milk). Add in a tablespoon of wheatgerm and sweeten with honey to taste.

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