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What Style Looks Like at Every Height

Aug 30 2015 - 8:00am

Things are looking up for women in Hollywood — at least that depends on who you ask. By Nicole Kidman [1], Charlize Theron [2], and Cate Blanchett [3]'s standards, it's a tall woman's world [4]. But don't count out the megapresence of the petite set [5], which lists Reese Witherspoon [6] and Sarah Jessica Parker [7] among its stylish elite.

The takeaway for us at home? Even if we can't afford to wear Lupita Nyong'o's Prada and Oscar de la Renta gowns nor have an occasion like Cannes International Film Festival that's worthy of Diane Kruger [8]'s dresses, there's a fashionable inspiration for each and every one of us in Hollywood. All you have to do is look:

Hayden Panettiere: Five Feet

Reese Witherspoon: Five Feet, One Inch

Anna Kendrick: Five Feet, Two Inches

Sarah Jessica Parker: Five Feet, Three Inches

Michelle Williams: Five Feet, Four Inches

Lupita Nyong'o: Five Feet, Five Inches

Olivia Palermo: Five Feet, Six Inches

Emma Stone: Five Feet, Six Inches

Diane Kruger: Five Feet, Seven Inches

Rihanna: Five Feet, Eight Inches

Alexa Chung: Five Feet, Eight Inches

Serena Williams: Five Feet, Nine Inches

Cate Blanchett: Five Feet, Nine Inches

Charlize Theron: Five Feet, 10 Inches

Nicole Kidman: Five Feet, 11 Inches

Brooke Shields: Six Feet

Karlie Kloss: Six Feet, One Inch

Maria Sharapova: Six Feet, Two Inches

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