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Honeymoon Packing Guide: Make it All Fit!

Let me guess: wedding planning has taken up all your time and you haven't yet thought of a packing strategy for your honeymoon. Fret not because Fab is here to help! Whether you're jetting off to Tahiti, Paris or Vegas, there are basic packing tricks to save space and time - including beauty essentials. To avoid a major headache, be sure to learn some tips on getting organized pre-honeymoon.

  • Roll every possible item of clothing you can along the inside of your superfly luggage creating a border along the suitcase wall. You can fold pants and jeans, and then plop toiletries in the middle of your border of rolls.
  • Put your shoes in shoe bags or old plastic bags and wherever you see empty space in between clothes, shove your shoes there!
  • To save space in your luggage, and to prevent theft, pack your jewelry in your carry on.
  • Carry the biggest purse you're planning on taking on the plane. Pack the smaller ones (i.e. clutches, etc) in your luggage - remember you only need a couple favorites that go with everything!
  • Pack black, white and nude bras - and maybe one fun colored one. Oh, and don't forget your strapless bras for those scanty tops!
  • Travel detergent is a must; when I travel is the only time I hand wash. Plus, foreign countries have really harsh detergent sometimes. Try this Travel Laundry Kit, $8.
  • Scarves are great for travel because they can serve as headgear, neckgear, a cuddle up on the plane, purse accessory or belt.


cocca cocca 10 years
great tips!!
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
Good tips thanks!!!
auddie auddie 10 years
Little tip, if you are bringing shoes that require socks (for instance, sneakers), pack the socks in the shoes. It doesn't save you a ton of room, but it helps you from overstuffing your bag.
HuongStar HuongStar 10 years
Carry the biggest purse you're planning on taking on the plane. Pack the smaller ones (i.e. clutches, etc) in your luggage - remember you only need a couple favorites that go with everything! If you're planning on bringing anything noticeably designer, I would even go as far as to pack those purse(s) in your carry-on. I've had a Fendi bag stolen from my checked luggage. :( Even though I have a mostly waterproof toiletries bag, I will also pack potentially leaky toiletries in a ziplock bag inside the toiletries bag!
Giorgioiscute Giorgioiscute 10 years
There is a fairly new detergent on the market called Dropps. They are tiny packets of detergent that are enzyme free and enviornmentally friendly on top of being really convenient to travel with! You just drop one in the basin and close it. No mess! Itc an be found in Target and Walmart I think. I am a huge fan at the moment.
blingbling blingbling 10 years
I travel for a living and so have refined the art of packing (that which can fit in carry ons. I almost never check luggage.) Things I like: A toiletry bag that folds in threes - with a loop on it so when I'm in the hotel I can hang it from a hook or doorknob. Mine has three zipper compartments to help keep things organized. Keep clothes that you don't want to iron in dry cleaning plastic. I leave shirts on the hanger in the plastic, then fold into thirds and place on top in my suitcase. Hang when I get to the hotel and usually it doesn't even need a touch up. Anything that will cause a nightmare if it leaks (like perfume) goes in my purse/small carryon I try to coordinate my outfits to be in the same color family so I don't need to bring too many different shoes/purses. (like stick to blacks or browns.) I do carry a small travel bottle full of woolite. Many hotels have a clothesline built into the shower - if not you can hang wet articles on hangers over the tops of doors. And after you wash, lie the clothing on a towel opened up on the floor. Roll the clothing up in the towel and then twist the towel - this wrings out most of the water so items will dry faster.
Iwillmarryunick Iwillmarryunick 10 years
As a person who travels for work, I WILL NOT follow the advice of putting my rolled clothes around the outside of the suitcase and then putting my toiletires in the middle. if ANYTHING leakes you're screwed. Much easier if you put all you toiletries at one end or carry them on. I'd rather have something explode over part of my packed clothes rather than all over everything!
olliecat olliecat 10 years
Good tips! BTW, does anyone know if there is such a thing as a shoe bag? I don't mean a bag that holds shoes which you can put in your luggage but a piece of luggage that is specifically made for holding shoes. It sounds silly, but a friend has one (they actually make them for people who play golf), so I figured there must be one for travel. I did a search online but could not find one. thanks!!
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