For most of us, Labor Day means backyard barbecues and icy-cold cocktails. If you're playing host this weekend, here are the essential tools you need to look stylish without missing the party.

Set of 8 Assorted Dinner Plates, $19.99, available here. Made from sturdy but lightweight melamine and not as wasteful as paper plates.

Deviled Egg Halter Apron, $38, available here. Just because you're preparing the grub doesn't mean you can't look stylish.

The Ultimate Guide to Pitcher Drinks: Cool Cocktails for a Crowd, $12.95, available here. Mixing cocktails in bulk will keep you from spending the whole night making drinks.

Three more so

Cow Corn Holders, $9.95 each, available here.
Because corn on the cob is one of the few foods you can accessorize.

Summer 16-piece Acrylic Drinkware Set, $27.99, available here.
Unbreakable plastic cups are great for poolside and backyard beverages.

Partyware Ice Bucket and Cocktail Shaker, $10.99 and $16.99, available here.
Adorable for inside or outside, and also on sale!