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How to Clean Jewelry 2012

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Clean and Sparkly

As part of our Spring-cleaning overhaul, we've taken it upon ourselves to break out our most beloved, and well-worn, jewels for a quick cleaning. We know we're not the only ones guilty of letting our silver statement necklaces dull from wear, and we can't remember the last time we gave our gold bracelets a once over; so to make sure your jewelry is in prime form — shiny as the day you got it — we've pooled five totally easy ways to polish your prettiest pieces. From handy Windex wipes-turned-diamond miracle cleaner to an old school toothbrush technique, it's super simple to clean (and maintain) your jewelry. Just keep reading to see how, and then take the next step: learn the best way to organize your jewelry.

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