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How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

Clean Your Jewelry With Household Products!

For today's how-to, we're showing you how you can get your engagement ring clean and sparkly using household remedies. And all of these techniques are perfectly safe for all different types of precious stones and metals. Whether you want to try using baking soda, dishwasher detergent, or ammonia, your precious piece will be clean and sparkly in no time. The bonus? You can also use these tips to clean other pieces in your jewelry box. On Allison McNamara: H&M top, Ann Taylor necklace.

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SmithSophia1384906407 SmithSophia1384906407 3 years
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One-Quill One-Quill 3 years
You can't use ammonia on opals. It will etch them over time and you won't have anything left!
lovehomechic lovehomechic 3 years
Great vid. This version of cleaning your engagement ring is an illustrated guide
Althea1777 Althea1777 4 years
I found the instructions on page Try toothpaste to clean your silver. My ring is actually silver again!
modaverde modaverde 4 years
LADIES DO NOT USE THESE METHODS, PLEASE!! I work at a luxury jewelry store and the only one of these methods that I would suggest to my clients is the one using dish soap and a soft toothbrush (ideal for sterling jewelry - Tiffany's, David Yurman, John Hardy etc. etc.) Ammonia and baking soda are murder on white gold jewelry (which many engagement rings are made of)- over time it will erode the rhodium plating which makes white gold 'white' (hand sanitizer can also do this if used often while wearing your rings). Your rhodium is going to wear regardless but something like this will SEVERELY expedite it. Once your rhodium plating wears, you will notice that your ring looks dingy and has a warm, yellowish tinge- gold only comes out of the ground yellow so we have to mix it with a white metal (18k white gold = 18 parts gold, 6 parts alloy metal. 24k gold is pure gold) and then rhodium plate it to give you that pretty white look that you want. It is also not good for colored stones which tend to be much softer than most people realize. Platinum and diamonds would be the only jewelry that can truly withstand having these cleaning methods repeated but seriously, most jewelry stores will clean your engagement ring for free and we use an ultrasonic cleaner to vibrate out the grime and steam to push away all residue and clean it thoroughly - just say please.
sazam sazam 4 years
DO NOT TRY THIS! It just turned my Tiffany's ring and earrings black! omg! Thanks a lot now I probably have to pay more to fix it then I would have if I had just taken it to the store to polish...!
caligirlxoxo caligirlxoxo 4 years
I must try!  I recently discovered this site and love these little videos, great info!
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