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How to Look Cute When It's Cold Outside 2012

Keep Your Winter Layering Far Away From the Michelin Man — Here's How

Let's take a moment to put aside the holiday styling preparations, and turn our attention to a more casual affair. We're thinking off-duty here. More specifically, we're thinking about the ways in which we can take our low-key Winter looks — layers, layers, and more layers — and transform them into chic, functional, nonbulky uniforms. Let's start with three solid outfit ideas: a silky maxi dress-turtleneck combo for the feminine styler, a plaid-infused ensemble for the classicist, and a leather-fur-wool trifecta that won't let a textural enthusiast down. Click on for our latest (off-duty) edition of how not to look like the Michelin Man when heading out into subzero temps, and tell us how you'll be wearing your laid-back wares this weekend.

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