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How to Spend Your Tax Refund

Purge, Then Splurge: 10 Ways to Treat Yourself With Your Tax Refund

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Hopefully by now you've filed your yearly tax return and your bountiful refund is well on its way, so what are you going to do with it? It's important to pay off some bills, add to your 401k, and sock some of your refund away in savings — but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself too. While we don't recommend going overboard, you may find yourself in the position to indulge in a new bag, update your Spring basics, or snap up that pair of shoes you've been lusting after — as long as it's within reason. We suggest sticking to classic shapes and silhouettes and thinking out of the box when it comes to colors or prints, like a pair of candy-colored jeans in your signature style, or face-flattering sunglasses with a little something extra. Here are some of our other tips for dealing with that burning hole in your pocket:

  • If you get something, give something back. One of our go-to moves for buying something new is to give something away at the same time. If you're looking to pick up a new pair of jeans, make room for them by getting rid of that ratty pair you never wear. Looking to invest in a slew of new Spring tees? Throw away those stained, holey pieces that just aren't cutting it anymore. Most importantly, don't forget Goodwill. Purging your closet will make you feel a lot better about buying new things — plus, you can write off those donations next year!
  • Don't take it too far. Nothing is worse than overspending on something just to need that money later. You don't want to run into a medical emergency or encounter a random bill and hate yourself for having bought those Chloé wedges.
  • Sleep on it. An investment purchase is just that — an investment. You don't want to go into it with too little thought and end up making a bad decision. The best thing to do is have a think on it for a night or two; if you truly can't get it off your mind, it's probably meant to be (but keep your receipts, just in case).

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