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The Summer That Birkenstocks Came Back

Aug 31 2014 - 7:30am

We were puzzled at first [1], uncertain whether it would even take off. But the Birkenstock trend did indeed resurface. And our feelings about the sandals of yesteryear have changed over the course of the Summer. Initially, we questioned how they'd work with flouncy miniskirts or cutoffs, suspecting they might be too casual or too . . . flat. Even our nonfashion friends were calling us with the regular, "Seriously? Can I actually wear my Birks again?!"

But once sliders started popping up on the feet of our favorite street style stars, we couldn't argue with their superchic quality. In fact, we grew obsessed with the shoes. We kept tabs on all the newest iterations [2]; became reobsessed with similar styles, like Tevas [3]; and looked to our favorite bloggers for outfit inspiration. Yes, the thick slip-ons have become our go-to over the course of the past few months. And we'll be sad to take them off. That's why we're paying homage to the redeveloped trend with a roundup of our favorite slider sandal looks. That way, if it comes time to pull them out again once the weather warms, we'll know just what to do.

Source: Instagram user blaireadiebee [4]

They lent casual flair to full midi skirts.

They gave rise to the comfortable Teva.

Source: Instagram user peaceloveshea [5]

They worked in metallic styles to highlight leather separates.

Source: Instagram user damselindior [6]

They were totally cute in the thong variety and worked with sundresses we'd never expect.

They were reiterated as the classic pool slider worn for errand-running days.

Source: Instagram user adenorah [7]

Their chunky soles contrasted dainty slipdresses.

Source: Instagram user seaofshoes [8]

We tried them in crisscross fashion, instead of adorned with buckles.

Source: Instagram user couldihavethat [9]

They brought back the black-and-white appeal of the sporty Adidas slip-on.

Source: Instagram user camtyox [10]

They were most popular in white [11].

Source: Instagram user blaireadiebee [12]

We really wanted to show them off, so we wore them with simple blouses and standard cutoffs.

Source: Instagram user lookdepernille [13]

They worked as accents against poppy jumpsuits.

They acted as a focal point for an all-white monochrome look.

Source: Instagram user lookdepernille [14]

They played up our off-duty looks, complete with crossbody bags and distressed tees.

Source: Instagram user sincerelyjules [15]

They were the answer to the question, "What shoes can I wear with my printed sheath dress?"

Source: Instagram user nicolettemason [16]

They made for a sleek touch to a breezy, bohemian ensemble.

Source: Instagram user songofstyle [17]

We wore them with crop tops, which were, of course, the shirt of the Summer.

Source: Instagram user weworewhat [18]

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