While jeans are the stuff of Americana legends, the denim skirt has not fared as well in the cultural lexicon. Perma-tanned and perma-toned sorority girls and their ilk are the first thing that comes to mind when we are presented with a denim skirt. The ubiquitous mini is the most popular of the denim skirt family which means it is little wonder the fashion pack hasn't whipped out lavish praise for it. The classic Guess mini is so 90s oversexed that popping one on can do a girl no favors, it hasn't even achieved retro ironic status yet. And yet there are denim skirt alternatives lurking at the fringes of fashion. Fashionation is thoroughly convinced the garment is having a revival. The sexy but still long enough to be appropriate Mineral Wash Stretch Bull Denim Slim Skirt from American Apparel is a favorite of ours because of its cut and its blast from the past subtle acid wash treatment. We are also fond of this high waisted skirt from Charlotte Ronson. Its all still a little cute young urban girl by and large but then we suspect that a Marni loving 40 year old Art Director was never going to ask if the denim skirt was coming back or not. But for those of you still young enough we say make a beeline for the sale items and snag one today. Its perfect for August. For More Shoutouts Click Here