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How to Wear a Fur Collar | Winter 2013

One-Minute Makeover Tip: A Furry Collar Could Make All the Difference

In our mission to stave off wardrobe boredom, we're bringing you another edition of the one-minute makeover — and today, it's all about adding luxe with a fur (or faux-fur) collar. Maybe the truest testament to its styling power is in the street-style shots below, just a few of our community members who've proven that this textured little add-on could be your outfit's new best friend. The tricks to making it work (and they're easier than you think) are all below. Read on to refresh your style in 60 seconds or less:

  • Don't think of the furry collar as a statement piece that you reserve for special occasions. The beauty of this piece is that it goes with everything. Add it to your casual outfits for a bit of textural intrigue, and further the glamorous feel of a cocktail dress with one for a night out.
  • Swap your everyday scarf for a fur snood. It won't just keep you warmer than your average Winter accessories; it's a simple switch that'll also up the ante on your most basic styles, like jeans and an anorak.
  • It can be easy to get carried away with the luxe look of fur and faux-fur pieces, but add it sparingly to your look. Piling on a furry collar with a fur coat or vest is going to add a lot of bulk to your figure and look more like a costume than a chic wintertime ensemble. This piece will look best when you use it to juxtapose other textures, like leather, classic wool coats, sequins, and cozy knits.

  • From left: ppfgirl, Dadouchic, and euphoriasroom

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