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How to Wear a Raincoat

9 Styling Tricks to Master Your Rainy-Day Look

So, you woke up in the morning with every intention of putting on a stylish outfit, only to find that it's pouring outside. We feel you; it's a total bummer. But where there's a storm, there can also be chic street style — yes, even when raincoats come into play.

We rounded up nine foolproof looks that are topped with eye-catching PVC jackets, waterproof bombers, and perfectly slouchy trenches that prove you can stay fashionable, even in the midst of bad weather.

Read on to learn how it's done, and then shop for a striking new jacket to combat those April showers. Trust, you'll want to keep these raincoats in rotation all week long. In fact, we bet you'll even pull them out at the sign of a little drizzle. Frankly, we don't blame you.

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