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How To Wear Summer Vests

Fashion Verbatim Shoutout: A Vest By Any Other Name

Image of Vanessa Bruno Sleeves BlazerFashion Verbatim is getting excited for spring by chopping off sleeves and pant legs. But we are curious about the name of the Vanessa Bruno Sleeves Blazer he features. It certainly looks like a vest to us. But we did a little digging and we have begun to notice that the term vest doesn't always seem to apply. In fact, many garments are being sold that look rather like vests but mimic dresses, shrugs, sweaters, and even tuxedos. We suppose the classic hipster joke about their dislike for sleeves means that new variations on the vest theme was only a matter of time. After all, vests were so last summer. If we believe Fashion Verbatim its all about the sleeveless blazer this season. To Read Other Shoutouts Click Here
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