Today, we have not one, but two candidates for How Would YOU Wear It?. Coincidentally, Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart both played around with black opaque tights recently and failed miserably.

I'll begin with Kimberly. WTF is up with those red nylon socks she's wearing over her black tights? I know she's trying to find something to match with her red lips but red nylons aren't it! The rest of her outfit isn't that bad, so if I were her, I would have simply ditched the red nylons.

Paris is committing an even bigger fashion crime by wearing opaque tights on a warm day and pairing them with a summer jumper. If I were her, I would have ditched the tights, clown-like shoes and necklace. I would have worn the jumper with cute colored flats and bare legs.

How would YOU wear it?

Source & Flynet