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I Want This Wardrobe: Twilight, The Cullen Clan

If you've seen Twilight by now, or read the book, you know the Cullen family of vampires are the most intriguing kids at school. They only hang with each other, they're all pale and beautiful, they're untouchable. Alice (second from left) is one of the friendliest to Bella, the newest member of "the family." As for her style, costume designer Wendy Chuck says, "Alice is the kooky, artistic one in the book so there's a lot that's inspired by vintage."
I liked the confidently dressed, and less accepting of Bella, Rosalie (played by a blonde Nikki Reed). Here, she wore a blue Marciano jacket and Miss Sixty jeans. Oh, and super high heel metallic pumps. The kids all complement each other in their icy blues, warm neutrals and denim. True, these aren't typical gothic vampire colors, Chuck says, "We avoided black completely." Mission accomplished: The Cullen clan appeared just as ice cold as any other vampire I've met. Is that Edward staring at Bella I see?

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