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Interview With HoneyShed CEO Stephen Greifer

As you might have guessed e-commerce is one of our top interests at Coutorture as it not only compliments the pursuit of writing about fashion online but is also a driving force in the fashion industry at large. A new e-commerce site popped up on our radar just before it launched, a few weeks back, called Honeyshed. This e-commerce site incorporates all of the modern marvels of new media in one place and we were eager to learn more. Below, our interview with the CEO of Honeyshed, Stephen Greifer, along with screen shots of the new site. After reading, be sure to explore Honeyshed for yourself.

Where does the name HoneyShed come from?

 HoneyShed is a fanciful name that came out of a brainstorm with the founders and friends.  Everybody involved has their own reason that they love it.  One of our favorites is that “Honey” is the cool stuff that we sell, and “Shed” is the community.  We also like the allusion to high energy.

How would you break down the site to someone who isn’t familiar with new media?

You don’t have to be familiar with new media to “get” HoneyShed.  We are all about the fun of shopping, treating shopping as an affinity, just like sports or music or other things people enjoy.  HoneyShed is a place that our shoppers can find cool stuff (we are trendsetters and curators), share their finds with their friends (we are a community and enable / provide social elements to the shopping experience), learn about the products that interest them in a new way (our product segments show Millenials using and enjoying the products), and buy them!  (we are about shopping).  We are also a forum for emerging designers, merchants and manufacturers who submit their videos to us.  We post the ones we love on the site, providing a great forum for them, and cool content and commerce for our shoppers.

How does this format compare to more straightforward e-commerce sites?

We make shopping fun.  Our content is advertising and entertainment at the same time. And it’s made by our audience’s peers, featuring personalities who are their peers, selling products specifically selected to interest our GenY/Millennial audience.

What percentage of users do you hope will make a purchase while visiting your site?

We hope that everyone finds something they want to buy on HoneyShed, and believe we’re putting the choices out there to really connect with our audience.  Sometimes people may go to the mall to make their final purchase, or sometimes they may surf the web for more information and buy then.  We’re happy if we introduce cool stuff that our audience loves and wants to take home, wherever they buy it.

What fashion brands do you feature and how do you curate their offerings?

Basically, in curating the fashion items we use this criteria.
IS IT FUN? Clothes that are playful and fun speak to the HoneyShed spirit.  Where another fashion site may show a great black pump, on HoneyShed it’s gold. IS IT RELEVANT? Does it fit the lifestyle of the demographic?  For this, items featured are usually pieces the demo would spend money on anyway, Jeans, ankle boots, great pair of gold hoops, clutch hand bag etc.  But the style and colors are a bit more amped up, and colorful.  Items has an attitude, a sense of humor, a free-spirit about them which makes it more HoneyShed. DOES IT STAND OUT? A HoneyShed girl is an individual, she wants to stand out from the crowd.  She’s doesn’t want to wear what everybody else is wearing. Sure she may carry a clutch handbag like her friends,  but hers will be yellow. IS IT ACCESSIBLE? Most items we try to keep in and around $100.00 a few select items will be higher, but the more expensive items are pieces you would (and should spend more on) a leather jacket, a pair of leather boots, etc. 

Some of the brands we’ve featured on HoneyShed include: Joe’s Jeans, Habitual Jeans, American Apparel, Michael Kors, Kova & T, Soundgirl, Rocket Dog, Steve Madden, Adidas, Reebok, Frederick’s of Hollywood, BB Dakota, Edun, 80/20, and Keep

Where do you see e-commerce going in the next five years?

HoneyShed will always be evolving, growing and changing in many areas, and staying at the forefront of the evolution of ecommerce. By collaborating with a myriad of creative people and listening to feedback we aim to be a nimble site. Staying relevant is only possible if we have the freedom to react and innovate appropriately.  Obviously we have no desire to be one-dimensional.  At the moment Honeyshed is deliberately silly, fun and casual, however in the future we may want to include more expertise for appropriate categories and more boutique UCG. As e-commerce continues to grow on the web, Honeyshed will be poised to continue to deliver an evolving home shopping experience to our audience.  Through partnerships and enhanced functionality, we will make transactions easier while keeping them secure, and we will also continue to offer great products, appealing to our target, at good prices.  Our discussions with MSN Live Search, for example, are designed to deliver enhanced value and low prices to people who shop on HoneyShed. We will also evolve a recommendation functionality that will deliver product recommendations based on past purchase behavior and submitted profile information.  And we will continue to deliver product information that drives ecommerce in a way that only HoneyShed can!

 In short, we will deliver on our goals of offering and showing off an excellent variety of products, including trend-setting cutting edge products, at good values, through secure and convenient/easy functionality.  We will also continue to enhance our ability to deliver shopping as a social experience, with opportunities to share and showcase products that pique our shoppers’ interest, and to show off, if they like, what they buy!


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