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Interview With Linda Loudermilk

I think it's safe to crown designer Linda Loudermilk the eco queen of fashion. She's on a mission to not only make green cool, but to influence change on the planet and within ourselves. We recently caught up with the designer to chat about her inspiration for Fall, the challenges of being eco-friendly, and her upcoming projects.

Why did you decide to go the eco route? Nature is the original punk, it provides it unconditionally. It is the most obvious in-your-face gift we are given. I decided to create luxury eco out of respect for the beauty, the strength and the calm that nature continues to give me.

Does being eco friendly pose any obstacles when designing? If so what? Letting go and remaining open to being swept away aren’t obstacles per say, but they are definitely skills. I let the fabrics inspire me. I am partnered with Mother Nature. I have put a lot of time, money, and patience into research and development. Mother Nature created obstacles for a reason. I don’t like to hear that something isn’t possible. I work with a fabric until I get it right. I like to shake your foundation and force people to think of nature as sexy.

What was your inspiration for the Fall line? Before I begin each collection, I write a poem that expresses what I’m exploring inside myself. The Fall line is about letting it all hang out, peeling the layers of ourselves to find the ever deeper, more hidden treasures.

How's your men's line going? Anything new/exciting to report? Yes, a refreshed silhouette for fall. Stay tuned.

Are you finding support for your eco-friendly line from interesting places or from people you might not have expected? We recently dressed an NBA player for a cover. I mention this because it’s a nod to the movement’s progress, sustainable is hot, even on the basketball court. We’re really excited our men’s line is getting the attention it deserves; women are definitely not the only ones going green.

Any upcoming projects you can speak about? We are preparing to launch a new line with a celebrity who is devoted to the environment and in sync with our movement. We’ve also got some exciting television and book opportunities that have come our way. Most of all I am excited about Loudermission – our spankin’ new incubator marketing company that brings for-profits and non-profits together. This next year is about unity, it’s about forward movement, immediate action; what are you doing to make a difference? Today, right now, in this moment, how are you impacting change?

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