You may or may not have been convinced John Mayer is a secret fashion player in my first story, so let's give it another go. Maybe a sexier photo will help? A sexier photo of Mayer with shopping bags?! I spot a Louis Vuitton bag amongst others carried by a tattooed, tan arm.

OK, down to business. In this edition, Mayer talks about how the Japanese are ahead of the fashion curve (true), gushes about a cool pair of LV pants he bought last year (was that what was in this bag?!), and continues to tell us his style tips . . .

The Japanese are so forward thinking.

"No, they are past-thinking. That’s what is so forward about it. The Japanese will put out magazines devoted to denim for the '50s. You will find full-on books, encyclopedic in nature, all about old motorcycle jackets from the '40s and '60s. So all they are really doing is going through time and finding the greatest version of something and then mass-producing."

What's in your closet?

"I have a closet that’s like the greatest collection of leather jackets and Belstaff's. I know everything down to the name of these jackets but I normally just throw on jeans and a t-shirt. I’m a big Rick Owens guy. Love Rick Owens."

And to hear style tips two, three, and four,


"Number two. Every brand that at least has some solvency to have a store in NYC let’s say. Every single brand makes at least one garment that is worth owning. If you walk into a store because your friend wants to go into G-Star, no offense to G-star, look around and find the best G-star piece. Keep your eyes open. Don’t be a whore for labels. When it’s time, go into a store. Louis Vuitton makes one killer piece that looks nothing like Louis Vuitton every single year. Last year I bought this pair of racing pants. They are like the baggiest, coolest, cottony pants. They are billowy and have a tight hem. They are almost parachutey. Nothing like the LV design language. Everyone breaks design language one time per season. Find it, buy two of them.

"Number three. You never want to look like you bought all your stuff on the same day. Create a rotation. So you want to slowly move things into rotation, even if it means you don’t pop a tag for six months. Slowly move it into rotation. Don’t look like you are hanging out in Biscayne Bay. You know what I’m talking about? Don’t Biscayne Bay.

"Last one. It’s what I call 'long ago and hard to find.' That means, every two garments you buy every season, put them away. Don’t even think about popping them open. That means that a year and a half later when you break it out — assuming it wasn’t ever mass-produced — it will sort of juxtapose itself perfectly with the culture and the style of the day. People will say, Where’d you get that amazing jacket, and you’ll say it was hard to find two years ago. And that is how your style is untouchable."