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Isabel Marant H&M Collaboration Interview

Isabel Marant Worries About Your Wardrobe — Not Hers

Isabel Marant has created a signature style that women around the globe love, including a heavy A-list fan base. But for her, the way she dresses is all about ease and convenience. “I’ve worn the same thing for two weeks. I’m horrible,” she tells POPSUGAR with a laugh. “I'm never dressed up. I have four pairs of white trousers, my t-shirts, and a jacket. I don't have time in the morning, so it has to be easy and comfortable for me during the day.”

Marant took time out of her hectic schedule to sit down with POPSUGAR Fashion just hours before her glittering launch party in Paris, but busy is the name of the game for Marant, who along with her highly anticipated H&M collaboration, designs both her namesake and Etoile Isabel Marant lines of RTW, jewelry, accessories, and those much-loved shoes. And it’s a personal approach, as the designer says she tries everything on herself. “For clothes, it's a lot about attitude. How do you feel in it? You only find out when you try it on.”

So, what happens when Marant turned her eye for the first time to menswear for the H&M line? Marant admits that it took more time to develop the men’s line than the women's line (those are iterations on her favorite pieces from previous collections). Marant tells us, “I mean, it was quite a challenge for me when I started. It can not be same approach [to menswear]. It can't be exactly the same fabric or texture. It needs to be much tougher, rougher for men. I had to practice it a little.” Is she happy with the final result? “Very,” she confirmed with a wide grin.

The Isabel Marant for H&M Collection launches in H&M stores worldwide and on on Nov. 14, so mark your calendars now!

Disclosure: We were excited to be part of a small group of journalists brought to Paris by H&M to attend the event.

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